Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance for Property Owners

Landlord insurance is recommended for anyone who owns rental property. Being a property owner can be lucrative, but it comes with much responsibility. A fire, flood, or other mishap will hit your pocket hard if you do not have landlord insurance. If you are renting one small home, then you maybe homeowner’s insurance would be enough. But if you are renting apartments in an apartment building or condo then you need to obtain landlord insurance. You might want to consider this as well if you are renting out a furnished home.

Coverage Requirements

You should speak with an insurance agent to learn the requirements for obtaining landlord insurance. Your realtor might also be able to provide useful information. You should get a policy that covers your needs instead of searching for the cheapest plan. Money might be an issue, but you need to consider all that could go wrong with a rental property. Some requirements that the insurance provider might require include:

1. Information about the type of tenants living in the building.
2. Cost of the building and estimated cost to rebuild in case it is destroyed.
3. The age of the property.
4. Cost of the items you have placed on the property.
5. Types of locks and alarms in the building.


You need the best coverage for your situation. This means you might have to customize the landlord insurance to ensure you have complete coverage in the event of an accident. Below are some coverage options for you to consider.

1. Property owner liability means the insurance company provides financial assistance for any damage or injury that happens on the investment property.

2. Personal injury protection pays for medical expenses or court costs associated with someone being hurt on the property. It also covers wrongful eviction and entry, invasion of privacy, and slander.

3. Loss of income means the insurance company provides coverage when the property is unlivable following a covered calamity.

Landlord insurance is a smart idea for anyone who rents out living space. Hundreds of things can go wrong and cost you thousands of dollars. Cover your investment with good insurance.