General Liability

General liability insurance is a beneficial in several situations. Most importantly, it can help pay for damages that you cause to someone else. And if you face a lawsuit, liability coverage can help pay for attorney fees, court costs, and other legal expenses. General liability is important because it’s for when you or your company are sued for whatever reason. Perhaps someone was hurt on your property. Or your business made a faulty product. If your business manufacturers items, makes recommendations, or provides consultation services, then liability insurance comes in handy if you’re sued. If you need liability, speaking with an experienced insurer can help. North Atlanta Insurance is prepared to provide the assistance that you need.

You determine the amount of liability you want when you purchase a policy. Policies are available in different amounts, sometimes up to millions of dollars. The amount of the policy determines how much the policy will cost you. The type of business you’re in and the type of services provided help determine rates as well. Buying this type of coverage is similar to purchasing auto insurance. In other words, you have to provide a down payment and then you pay monthly installments.

This coverage is sometimes expensive. It helps to review your options before signing a policy. You can search online to compare prices and see what’s available.