Antique Auto Insurance

Car Collectors Need Classic Auto Car Insurance

When they’re well-cared for, antique cars are often beautiful works of art. An antique car can turn into one of your most valuable investments. But it takes time and money to restore an old car. It also takes work and money to maintain a classic car. That’s why antique auto insurance is a smart choice for protecting your investment.

If you’re a savvy collector, then you want to collect and maintain beautiful classic cars. But you also want to protect the value in case anything ever goes wrong. Classic cars often have parts that are hard to replace. They often require special care that’s often costly. Having insurance for your cars is a wise investment. You just need the right type of policy.

The Benefits of Classic Auto Insurance and Determining Amounts

As professional insurers, we can help you determine what level of coverage is best. The goal is to protect your investment and put your mind at ease. When it comes to your classic cars, you want to make sure you have the best coverage. If your car is ever damaged or stolen, then coverage will help foot the bill.

There are two ways to get the coverage you need.

1. You can speak directly with an insurance agent. Complete our insurance form by providing information about your vehicle. The make, model, and year of your vehicle plays a role in determining your coverage options. Additional information may also be required. Once the form is complete, an insurance agent will contact you with a quote for your coverage.

2. Use our online tool to get a fast quote. Input the requested information about your vehicle into the tool. Based on your input, the online tool will recommend the best coverage. It will also show how much you’ll pay if you choose monthly or yearly premiums.

Filing a claim is extremely easy. Simply contact the claim service department. An agent will review your claim, verify the information, and inform you how to proceed. You’ll receive immediate attention and help with your claim. Your claim will either be approved or denied.

Antique auto insurance is the best way to protect your investment. Think of all the time and money you’ve spent on your antique auto. Insurance coverage is one way to make sure all your hard work will never go to waste.