Accident Insurance

Why You Need Accident Insurance

If you’re ever involved in an accident, you’ll be happy you added accident insurance into your life. This type of insurance helps you pay any medical or out of pocket expenses resulting from your injuries. These include:

• Medical exams
• Emergency treatment
• Hospital stays
• Other needed expenses like lodging, transportation, etc

Often, employers will offer this at an affordable rate. Benefits from employer plans include portable coverage (if you ever leave that job), convenient payroll deduction and guaranteed acceptance. Check with your company to see what’s offered there.

Who Needs It?

This type of insurance is needed by anyone concerned with how they might pay for an unexpected accident. Think about it…an accident is something that can happen to you at any time. This can include a car crash, a fall that results in broken bones, a sprained ankle, or even a bee sting that results in an allergic reaction.

Without insurance, meeting all costs associated with treatment and recovery may be challenging to your finances. Your accident insurance policy will help pay for anything not covered by your regular medical insurance.

How This Type of Insurance Works

After your accident, you can get cash directly from your insurance carrier. This means you have direct access to the money needed to cover injury related expenses, living expenses or anything else that may come up as a result of your accident related injuries.

Other out of pocket expenses your insurance will help cover include:

• Copays
• Deductibles
• Childcare

Major Benefits

Medical services and treatment: This may include emergency care, ambulance, medical testing (MRIs, x-rays, CT scans), therapy, medical appliances and some kinds of surgeries

Hospitalization: admission, hospital stay, inpatient rehab, etc

Injuries: dislocations, lacerations, 2nd and 3rd degree burns, fractures, eye injuries, concussions, torn knee cartilage, ruptured discs, etc

More benefits: accidental death, loss and paralysis, dismemberment, lodging supplemental benefit

As you can see, this is a type of insurance that will pay major dividends in your life if disaster strikes. Make sure you have this coverage in place for your family’s protection.