Helping to Make Miracles Happen for Sick Children

Our agency will be supporting Children’s Miracle Network because they share our mission to eradicate pediatric illness in our area. More than 10 million kids enter a children’s hospital like Penn State Children’s Hospital across North America every year. Our goals during this campaign will be to provide these children with hope for a brighter future and assist their families financially so that every child in the York County Community can lead healthier lives.

Every day, Children’s Miracle Hospitals treat about 16,200 kids with trauma, 2,128 kids with cancer, perform over 2,000 surgeries and care for nearly 1,000 babies in the NICU. Here at the Peiffer Agency, it is our goal to provide this wonderful organization with the necessary funds and awareness so that they may continue to care for the sick children of our community.

We are so hopeful to be able to fund some of the relief needed by families and children facing the devastating circumstances of illness in their lives. We want to ensure that nothing limits a family’s ability to live comfortably and to create happy memories together. That’s why we’ve agreed to donate $20 on your behalf every time you recommend someone for a no-obligation quote. That’s how we make giving back a part of our everyday lives!

“Our whole staff is dedicated to making a difference to these children, and even though the challenge seems daunting, I know there is much we can do to help,” says Agency Vice President, Bradley Peiffer.